The best fitness gift ideas

The best fitness gift ideas

Health and fitness isn’t always at the top of everyone’s priority list throughout the festive period and one of our latest blogs detailed some top tips to staying on track this December. However, as we all know, January and the New Year is the time when many people like to start their fitness journey, vowing to adopt a healthier lifestyle, supported by a vigorous exercise regime. And so, Christmas is the perfect time to buy your loved one a fitness-related gift to help kickstart their journey as we prepare to enter 2020.

We are spoilt for choice as well, because the advanced fitness technology available on the market today, means we can measure every aspect of our workout performance, allowing us to uncover and improve upon any weaknesses and stabilise strengths. The following article aims to detail the gadgets which you can use to begin your fitness journey or take you to the next level and beyond.


Nutribullet Balance

Of course, good nutrition is at the heart of peak performance and so to help boost your energy and maintain a healthy weight, the Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender is a must-have item. The Nutribullet has been a well-renowned piece of kitchen equipment for years now, but this version goes one step further – Retailing at £150, it actually tells you the exact nutritional value of any smoothie made, including fats, proteins, sugar and calorie content via Bluetooth and a built-in scale. There is also an accompanying app which allows you to select from 100’s of healthy recipes from some of the top nutritionists and dieticians.


Ozmo active smart bottle

Hydration is obviously a key element of any training program and this really shouldn’t be taken for granted. Do you drink enough water throughout the day and during your workout to ensure you’re performing at your peak? The answer is most probably no, quite simply because we don’t always remember to drink and once thirst has kicked-in, you’re already dehydrated. The Ozmo BPA free, leak-proof smart water bottle changes this perspective by giving gentle vibrating reminders of when to drink as well as keeping track of how much water you have consumed within that day. It comes with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity to help track hydration habits over time. They also sell a version which keeps your coffee warm and helps to curb your coffee drinking habits.



There are so many versions of the Fitbit available on the market today, it would be difficult to pinpoint which one is best for you. Prices start at £70 and go up to £280, depending on the persons needs and requirements. But this is still very much a trending product and can be seen on the wrists of anyone and everyone, including children with the option of the Fitbit Ace. Essentially the Fitbit allows you to track your activity, including, sleep, exercise, distance covered, calorie intake and even sleeping patterns. And of course, all of the aforementioned are crucial to attaining your fitness goals.


Running Belt

Ok, so this isn’t a new piece of technology per se, however, The Build & Fitness running belts are designed ergonomically with the user in mind. We have carried out careful research and testing with our audience, resulting in a range of running belts fit for purpose, all with 5* reviews on Amazon. When you’re running or taking part in any type of physical exercise, our running belts are ideal to ensure you have on your person, a few key items, such as your phone, keys or energy gels for example. You don’t want to wear bulky coats or utilise its predecessor, the arm band, as neither is comfortable or effective. Our classic and adjustable belts retail at £20 with the adjustable zipper running belt only coming in at £24, so perfect as an affordable stocking filler!


Microfibre towel

Here at Build & Fitness, we also offer a range of microfibre towels, ideal for both sport, fitness and travel: Lightweight and compact, taking up to 5 x less space than their conventional cotton counterparts. They are super absorbent (absorbing 4 x more water than a standard towel) and fast drying (They dry 10 x faster than a cotton towel and can carry 4 x its weight). And so, these towels are the perfect gift and only retail at just shy of £11.


Exercise equipment

One of our previous blogs detailed the different types of ‘at-home’ exercise equipment available on the market today. Starting a fitness regime can be hard, especially when you take into consideration fitting this into your life which we’re sure is pretty hectic with work, children and all the other things we need to fit into the day and week. And so, home exercise can be ideal for those who want to exercise, but simply don’t have the time, money or inclination to go to a busy gym. Most of the items listed are relatively low-cost from yoga matts to kettle bells and ab rollers.

As you can see, there are some great fitness related gift ideas featured here to help either support someone’s existing training regime or to help them on their way.

If you would like to take a look at our range of running belts and microfibre towels, why not visit our website, or, take a look at our Amazon store. 


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