The best exercise equipment to kick start your journey

The best exercise equipment to kick start your journey

Last month we featured a blog which discussed some of the best workout apps available on the market today. However, if you’re looking to purchase some at home, inexpensive gym equipment, what should you go for?

There’s so much available and it can become extremely confusing to understand the best items to purchase, so below is our guide to the best exercise equipment to kick start your journey.

Running Belt.

Essentially, a running belt is dedicated storage equipment for your smartphone and accessories to keep your hands free when exercising. Although termed a ‘running belt’, this can of course be worn for any type of activity, from running and walking to yoga and gym sessions. It’s the perfect accessory to store your phone, keys and energy snacks. Shop > Build & Fitness Running Belts

Microfibre Towels.

Microfibre towels are great for any activity, from exercise to travel and visits to the beach. Instead of using a standard cotton towel, why not have to hand a microfibre towel which can absorb and release water far quicker than its cotton counterpart. Moreover, they are extremely compact in size and so excellent space savers for your gym bag. Shop > Build & Fitness Microfibre Towels


The Fitbit…..It seems everybody has one and why? Because many people are heath conscious and aware of the importance of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s a simple addition to any arm and can help to monitor movement and diet via the app. You can keep an eye on heart-rate, steps and app integration encourages you to be even more active. Throughout the day it records a range of data about your activities. They’re not cheap, but then again they’re not hugely expensive and come in a range of styles and colours all with different capabilities.

Dumbbells and weights set.

Weight training should be part of everyone’s exercise regime. If you’re a women, forget the myth that weights bulk you up. Instead, strength training can help you manage or lose weight and it’s also extremely important for increasing bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It increases your metabolism and helps you to burn fat, resulting in a toned, strong physique. And so dumbbells and weights are an important part of any at-home regime and can be bought very inexpensively. Take a look at our last blog which featured a review of the Les Mills app and use your weights to follow one of the many featured workouts.


Similar to the above, kettle bells are a cast iron or steel ball with a handle at the top. They can be used to combine exercises including cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. They can hugely increase your core strength and help to sculpt muscle groups.

Ab roller.

An ab roller can help to build your abdominal and oblique muscles. Of course there are lots of equipment-free ab exercises you can perform at home, however, this is a great piece of equipment if used properly. Make sure you use your abs as opposed to your arms and minimise the momentum, otherwise you could be decreasing the effectiveness of the exercise.

Exercise ball.

Again, there are many exercises such as stomach crunches, the plank and press ups which can be done without such equipment. However, what the exercise ball provides is more instability in your exercise routine, meaning your muscles need to work harder. They can provide excellent muscle tone for your entire body when used properly and can also help with rehabilitation regimes.

Freestanding punch bag.

Get rid of that pent up frustration with a good old fashioned boxing workout. There are many routines to follow by simply punching the air and combining this with a good cardiovascular workout. But where’s the target, where’s the resistance. A freestanding punch bag doesn’t need to be hung from the ceiling, you can easily move it in and out of position and they are weighted heavier than hanging bags and so are harder to punch.

Medicine ball.

A medicine ball is a weighted ball which can be used for strength training and rehabilitation. They are used as part of plyometric training which is otherwise known as jump training or plyos. This type of training essentially exerts maximum force on the muscles in short intervals of time. It’s intense and it’s explosive and perfect for building power and strength. The medicine ball is a key piece of equipment in plyos and so excellent for practising at home.

Yoga mat.

Yoga mats can of course be used for practising your yoga routines at home. However, because they are padded mats, they are also ideal for core strength exercises for the abdominal area such as sit-ups and press ups. They are multi use and rather than working out on the floor use your mat to protect the body.

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